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10 kinds of tea to avoid even you like it

1. Metamorphic tea

Tea is not easy to keep in sanitized condition, it is easy to absorb moisture and mold, and some people are reluctant to discard the moldy tea because they don’t want to waste it. Deteriorated tea contains a lot of substances and germs that are harmful to the human body and is absolutely unfit for drinking. If the high-quality tea is soaked for a long time, the tea will also deteriorate due to oxidation and microbial growth. Such tea can no longer be consumed.

2. Brew the first time tea

Because modern tea leaves are inevitably contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, dust and other materials during the process of planting, processing, and packaging. Brew the first tea is actually the water for washing the tea. It should be poured out as soon as possible, then add some more water to brewing the tea, so that the tea that is soaked in the most hygienic tea.

3. Burnt tea

The tea that has been overcooked, nutrition has been lost, and the taste is not good.

4. Brewing tea for too long

The brewing time is too long, the tea polyphenols, lipids, aromatic substances, etc. in the tea can be automatically oxidized, not only the dark color of the tea soup, the fragrance is low, and the taste value is lost; and because of the vitamin C, vitamin B, amino acid in the tea the reduction in the nutritional value of the tea soup is greatly reduced by the oxidation; at the same time, because the tea soup is left for too long, it is contaminated by the surrounding environment, and the number of microorganisms (bacteria and germ) in the tea soup grows rapidly and then the tea becomes unsanitary.

5. Cold tea

Tea should be damp and hot, and cold tea has the disadvantages of stagnation and stagnation. That is to say, warm tea, hot tea can make people feel refreshed, the ears can hear clearly and the eyes can see clearly; cold tea has stagnation of the cold on the body and the side effects of polypeptone.

6. Tea is too hot

Tea is usually brewed with high-temperature water, but it cannot be drunk when the water temperature is too hot. Too hot tea is more irritating to the human throat, esophagus, and stomach. If you drink too hot tea for a long time, it may cause lesions in these organs. According to foreign studies, people who regularly drink tea at temperatures above 62°C are more likely to suffer from stomach damage and are prone to stomach problems. The temperature of tea drinking should be below 56˚C.

7. Savory tea (or skewered tea)

Some tea smells toxins, such as paint, camphor.

8. Strong tea

Strong tea contains a lot of caffeine, theophylline, etc., and it is very irritating. Drinking strong tea can cause insomnia, headache, tinnitus, and chequer, and it is not good for the stomach. Some people will have vomiting after drinking.

9. Overnight tea

Especially the tea that has changed its taste, even if you can’t taste the taste, mostly breeding and breeding a lot of bacteria. Because tea contains a lot of protein, most of it does not dissolve in hot water and remains in the leaves. When the water temperature is high, the protein on the tea will rot. After one night, there will be an enzyme produced in the tea. Residual amounts of tannins can become irritating strong oxides that cause irritation to the stomach and cause inflammation. Therefore, overnight tea is not suitable for drinking.


Of course, the undeteriorated overnight tea still has its role in medical treatment. Such as: overnight tea is rich in acid, fluoride, can prevent capillary bleeding; such as stomatitis, tongue pain, warm rash, bleeding gums, skin bleeding, sore abscess, etc. can be treated with overnight tea; red silk in the eyes or often tears, wash your eyes many times a day with overnight tea, can play a miraculous effect; every morning before or after brushing your teeth, after eating a few mouthfuls of overnight tea, not only can make the breath fresh, and the role of solid teeth, and so on.

10. The elderly should not drink raw tea

The so-called raw tea refers to the dried green tea that is directly dried without being smashed after being picked. The shape of this tea is natural and green, and its composition is basically the same as that of fresh leaves. The low-boiling aldol compound has little conversion and volatilization, and the aroma has a serious green gas. The elderly drink this green tea, which is very irritating to the gastric mucosa. It is easy to cause stomach pain after drinking. Young people will also feel stomach discomfort after drinking, which is commonly called “stomaching”. If you have bought this kind of raw tea by mistake, it is best not to drink it directly. You can put it in a non-greasy iron pot, slowly fry it with a slow fire, remove the harmfulness to green gas, and drink it after it starts to produce a mild chestnut fragrance.

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