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Which  tea  for  you

Heavily used the brain to drink green tea

According to reports, green tea helps fight cancer and prevent cancer, lowering blood fat and preventing atherosclerosis. Green tea is suitable for workers who are constantly exposed to toxic substances or in a highly polluted environment. For these people, the active ingredients in green tea can protect them; for those who are addicted to tobacco and alcohol, it is good for detoxification and hangover; Applicable to young people in the period of vigorous development; suitable for mental workers, can improve the agility of the brain, keep the mind clear and energetic for a long time, help to enhance thinking ability, judgment ability and memory ability; suitable for people with yin deficiency constitution Suitable for people who have slimming beauty needs. When pregnant women drink green tea, it is better to use lighter tea soup.

Exerciser drinking red tea

Red tea is warm and suitable for people with a weak body. It is also suitable for sports people and physically-employed people. It can be added with sugar when drinking, which is beneficial to increase energy and supplement nutrition. Pregnant women should drink red tea in 1-2 months before the birth and postpartum.

Want to lose weight and drink Oolong tea

Oolong tea has the effect of lowering blood fat, preventing atherosclerosis, and prolonging life. It is suitable for people who are obese, wants to lose weight and beauty, and also applies to sports people. It is suitable for people who are mainly foraging and helps digestion. Suitable for people with yang deficiency, spleen, and stomach deficiency.

Beef and mutton eater drink black tea

Black tea is suitable for people who are mainly foraging and eating more beef and mutton. It is good for promoting fat digestion; it is also suitable for people who are losing weight. In some ethnic minorities and border areas of China, it is often accustomed to drinking brick tea(砖茶), cake tea(饼茶), Pu'er tea and other post-fermented pressed teas, which are related to their eating habits.

A bad mood to drink scented tea

Scented tea is suitable for people with excessive mental work, which helps to relieve depression and refreshment; suitable for people with yin deficiency and spleen and stomach deficiency; suitable for menstruating and menopausal women, can alleviate the irritability of temperament, can relieve liver and relieve depression, regulate qi and regulate menstruation.

Dry stools to drink cassia

Cassia is returned to the large intestine, and it has the effect of laxative. Drinking cassia tea can also help reduce blood lipid. Daily health care can be fried cassia or 15 grams of cassia seed that has been broken, directly to drink tea; habitual constipation can be used to smash 10 to 15 grams of fried cassia seed, add water 300 ~ 400 ml to cook for 10 minutes, add honey 20 ~ 30 grams Stir well and take it sooner or later. However, spleen and stomach cold and sticky notes, diarrhea should be used with caution.

Liver fire and drink chrysanthemum

Many people often have symptoms such as dizziness, bitterness, dry skin, sore tongue, and temper, which are caused by liver fire. The chrysanthemum has the functions of dispersing wind and clearing heat, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, nourishing the liver and reducing fire, and can relieve symptoms such as bitterness, headache, sore throat and so on. It is best to use Han Chrysanthemum or Baby Chrysanthemum (Hang daisy unopened flower buds). When brewing chrysanthemum tea, brew with boiling water of about 100 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes, and then continue to add boil water when you drink 1/3 of the tea.

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