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Different tea brewing methods

Green  Tea

Brew with 80 ° C ~ 85 ° C water, brewing now and drinking now. Green tea belongs to non-fermented tea. This kind of tea is relatively tender and not suitable for boiling water. It is suitable for 80°C~85°C.


The ratio of tea to water is 1:50. The brewing time is 2~3 minutes. It is best to drink when you just brewing the tea. If the brewing temperature is too high or too long, the polyphenols will be destroyed, the tea will not only turn yellow, but also the aromatics will be lost.


It is best to use porcelain cups for brewing green tea. When brewing, first use 1/4 water to moisture the tea, after 20-30 seconds then add more water to brew the tea. The green tea usually does not cover the lid, otherwise, the tea will turn yellow.

Red  Tea

First hot water cup, then use 90°C ~ 100 °C hot water brewing. Red tea is a whole fermented tea. Commonly used are high-grade red tea and red broken tea. Unlike green tea, high water temperature soaking promotes the dissolution of beneficial ingredients.


Therefore, it is best to use freshly boiled water for the red tea. The water consumption is equivalent to that of green tea. The brewing time is preferably 3~5 minutes. The high-grade red tea can be brewed 3~4 times, and the red broken tea can be brewed 1~ 2 times.


Red tea is best brewed in a glass so that you can appreciate the tumble stretch of tea in the water. The specific method can use the middle cast method. First, pour about 1/10 hot water hot cup into the cup, then put 3~5 grams of tea leaves, and then pour water along the glass wall to brew. The red tea should be covered with a lid so that the tea will be more intense.

Oolong  Tea

Brewed with 90°C ~ 100 °C hot water several times. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, such as Tie Guan Yin and Da Hong Pao.


It is best to use a professional purple sand-fired teapot or cup with a lid. The amount of oolong tea is relatively large, basically, half or more of the pot or cup used, and the lid is covered after soaking. When you dunk oolong tea, you should have a boiling water on the side. When the water boils and brews the tea immediately, the first bubble will be poured out. You can use the poured water to moisturize all the cups, then pour it into boiling water for brewing.


Oolong tea can be brewed many times, and the good quality can be brewed 7~8 times. The time for each brewing is from short to long, and it takes 2~5 minutes.

Black   Tea

First wash the tea, then boil water to brew. Black tea is a post-fermented tea, which can still be naturally aged over time in storage. In a certain period of time, there is a characteristic of keeping the longer time of the tea the taste is much better.


Black tea, represented by Pu'er tea, should also be boiled at 100 °C. For the first time brewing black tea, it is necessary to wash the tea quickly for 10~20 seconds. First, put the tea into the cup, pour the boiling water, pour the water after a while, then pour the boiling water into the cup and cover the lid. This not only filters out the impurities of the tea leaves but also makes the tea soup brewed more aroma.


The subsequent brewing time is usually 2~3 minutes. Pu'er tea is generally brewed with a professional purple sand tea set or the cup with a lid. The amount is usually twice that of green tea.

At last, it should be reminded that in order to maintain the aroma of tea, it is best to use "soft water" with low metal ion content for making tea, such as pure water and high-quality mineral water.

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